Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Website

Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you my new site
now you can view my work and interact with me through the website and the social network
such as my official fan page:  
Please join my page, I appreciate your support.
Short Biography:
Jad is a young and ambitious filmmaker, writer, and civil society activist in Lebanon, he graduated in 2010 from the Lebanese university – institute of art – with BA degree in "Cinema/TV" – Directing and producing.
Jad is one of Lebanon's new generations of engaged youth who are genuine about working towards economic and political reform in the country. Recently, Jad was nominated for Samir Kassir's award on his latest article about Arab Spring, that was published in the well known Lebanese newspaper "Al-Ballad Newspaper".
His work revolves around using the media to advance societal cohesion, tolerance, and development. Through this, he has focused on issues as diverse as the provision of basic services such as electricity and Lebanon's complex sectarian sociopolitical system.
Jad worked in several production projects Dramas and Documentaries since 2007, and his latest work is "The Team" TV drama series and its web clips which is broadcasted on LBCI channel; He was one of the script writers; Moreover, he worked as Filmmaker for the project "Story Behind the Story " Documentary Series that shed lights on Lebanon's sociopolitical cases.